Carl McColman has found true love. The true love found? His love for Christ. Fortunately, it’s love he can share. In this lyrically written primer he guides the prospective Christian mystic through the selfless path of life contemplating Christ.

Pagan readers may best remember McColman as the author of The Well-Read Witch. Since that publication, McColman converted to a mystical Christianity connected to Catholic tradition. McColman has evolved spiritually and as a writer. Even a Pagan can appreciate his beautiful execution of language in this book.

What McColman describes in Answering the Call is experiential spirituality. This spirituality, while influenced by the Bible, is personal rather than dogmatic – which excludes it from linear discussion and makes it a point of non-debate. While the mythos (not used in terms of “fiction” but in terms of “core of truth” ) behind this book differs wildly from most Wiccan interpretations, the basics of feeding spiritual needs while seeking spiritual truths remain the same.

In addition he explains in concise yet pleasing language different terms associated with different experiences within mysticism. Even for a tourist read, it merited a pause and contemplative thought.

Christian mysticism, like Pagan religions, may not have the answer for everyone. However, if you wish to learn it, learn from someone passionate about it– like McColman.


~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Carl McColman
Hampton Roads Publishing, 2013
pp. 192, $16.95

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