Candice Covington, business owner, instructor, certified aromatherapist, healing arts master, and author brings a book combining her years of knowledge and study into a manual of sorts for healing, spirituality and self-awareness. She receives a forward in the books initial pages by the medical director of the Chopra Center, Candice Covington. The doctor offers her personal experience with the information presented in the book and tells how she also recommends some of the practices to her own patients a holistic approach to wellness.

Covington approaches this book with the theory behind her desire to use essential oils to transform the whole person. This theory is based in alchemy. Citing works from brilliant minds like Dr. Carl Jung, Deepak Chopra, Rupart Sheldrake, and many more, she describes the theories behind vibrations in ALL things as energy sources, and that relationship to archetypal energies, transmutation of self, and what she describes as very important vibrational tools. Further, Covington presents the relationships between the divine archetypes energies and the tools in order for the reader to understand some basic concepts for working with essential oils in this context, and how working with them like this can benefit you.

The author spends some time acquainting the reader with information regarding how one might go about working more with a specific deity, what they are a catalyst for and what plant life they resonate their energy with. She then goes on to the five elements, or tattvas, citing theories that support the existence of these as the “primordial building blocks of reality”. Through educating the reader of the tattvas, she then paves the way to its correspondence to Chakras, Doshas, shapes, colors, sacred geometry, sacred symbol, etc.

As the reader enters Part 2 of this book, they are taken into the reading on essential oils. Covington begins with the oils best used to stimulate the tattvas, then the chakras, and for then purification. These oils are given correspondences based on the area of the body they stimulate, the element they receive energy from and the vibrations they effect.

Covington then goes further into the use of the essential oils. The reader learns how to choose which oil is needed at different times. They are taught the multiple ways available to use these oils and what dosages may be most appropriate.  Carrier oils and blends are also covered in these chapters.

Part 3 of the book moves into the healing practices of essential oils. Covington helps the reader learn how to use the essential oils to bring enlightenment, spirituality and self-awareness through things like working with tattvas, and formulations to use in ritual or other practices. She finishes the book up by giving the reader some specific rituals to perform in order to get them started with their essential oils in spiritual practices.

This book as a thorough informational guide on the use of oils for self-improvement. Essential oil novice or advanced students can find information here that is valuable to their work with nature. I would recommend this book as an introductory to essential oils in spiritualism and also as a reference on all of our book shelves for easy, informational data.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Candice Covington
Healing Arts Press, 2017
p. 212, $$16.95

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