Derived from a series of fiction books Constantine started writing many years ago, Grimoire Dehara Book Two; Ulani is second in a trilogy created to expand and detail the spiritual and magical systems from Constantine's series.  If I could say only one thing regarding Ulani, it's that this book is organized extremely well with not only a very detailed index but also a great glossary for terms lifted from the source material.  Constantine and Elwood also included a resource page compromised of the original source series as well as Elwood's Pop Culture Magick and Pop Culture Magick 2.0  as well as Creating Magical Entities.
Some of the chapters included are Guides and Companions, Pyralis Ascension and The Role of Hienama.  Each chapter is then broken down into sections and even the sections are included in the index.  This can really help the reader get straight to the information they need. 

Grimoire Dehara: Ulani is jam packed with information including rituals, background information, meditations, invocations and so forth.  This book is really a wonderful way for fans of this series to get a wonderfully detailed look and understanding of this wonderful fictitious world.  Furthermore this book and the trilogy it belongs to can really help Pagans understand pop culture witchcraft and some of the processes involved with it. 

Ulani is a very detailed book, fulled with intricate information, magical systems, spellwork, meditations and so on. However I can see it being a difficult book to read in one sitting.  I advise interested readers to perhaps take it section by section.  Additionally Ulani must be taken as a part of the greater whole of the trilogy, just as the sections of the book must be taken within the greater whole of the book itself.  Along these same lines, for at least the first read through, I highly, highly recommend reading Ulani in proper order.  Jumping around chapters and sections will only serve to confuse the reader as each section and chapter builds upon each other. 

As usual Elwood and Constantine do not disappoint and lovingly write an interesting, informative book which can be read by any kind of person regardless of spiritual and/or educational background.  It is written with a wonderful forward as well as introduction and I do highly recommend you read these as they really do help set the stage for all the information forthcoming.  If you are a fan of Constantine's Dehara series I recommend this book and if you are a Pagan and interested in the series I highly recommend!  All that being said, I do highly recommend finding general information about pop culture magic before or alongside reading this book; Ulani is not a book to be used as your introductory or how-to pop culture book.

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Authors:  Storm Constantine & Taylor Elwood
188ppg; $18.99
2016; Megalithica Books

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