Author Jim Willis provides a step-by-step process using meditation techniques to experience out-of-body experiences as an astral traveler. The Akashic Field is said to be the multidimensional world where all potentials simultaneously exist. The author explains that the this quantum reality is the same one that shamans, mystics, and dowsers have been exploring for thousands of years utilizing astral traveling, spirit journeys and energy work.

The book is split into two parts. Part one covers The Theory and part two covers The Practice. The chapters for part one cover: Dreams and Visions, Moving Out of Body in Full Consciousness, Spirit Guides and Helpers, Encountering the Bizarre, and Three Lines of Evidence. Within these chapters, the author provides some of his own journal entries from personal experiences.
It really isn’t until part two that the reader will find some exercises to begin on their own. This section is broken down in to the chapters: First Explorations. This chapter is where the reader can engage their first OBE or out-of-body experience. Next chapter is Staying Grounded, how to keep yourself calm while your consciousness is exploring. The remaining chapters cover Advanced Explorations, Back to Earth, and then Summing It All Up.

The bulk of the book is the author’s personal encounters but overall it is an interesting read. If you ever been curious about astral traveling this book covers what you want to know about the Quantum Akashic field.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Jim Willis
Findhorn Press, Dec 3, 2019
pp. 176, $16.99

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