This book reads like a text book using small print and lots of medical and scientific terms. The concepts behind his academic type writing seem interesting. However, he talks around his topic instead of being direct which adds to the difficulties when reading this book.

There's a Prelude a preface and a 10-page introduction. This seems a little like overkill. He describes 9 summits of transformation and at the end of the chapter has a brief summary. He talks about higher and lower brain functions. Lower brain functions are primal and instinctual. These need to be overcome. There are exercises which he only gives examples of for the very fit person. While he uses a lot of science to back up his ideas, the complexity of the scientific writing makes for dry reading. He also asks the readers a lot of rhetorical questions which is condescending. It takes him well into chapter 2 - almost 100 pages - to describe how to learn his technique. His steps are rigid and must be done exactly has he outlines them.

He uses a lot of academic words to put his point across. Relating his work to other studies and such is good but he doesn't pull it together to provide a bottom line. In the back of the book, he has a workbook like space for the 9 summits of transformation. This provide activities and space for you to write about these activities. In the section the font has changed and has become even harder to read.

This is not going to be a book you read at the end of the day when you're tired and you want to read a chapter before you go to bed.

~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Dr. Michael Cotton
Findhorn Press, 2018
p. 220

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