Danielle Rama Hoffman has been scribing (differentiated from "writing" in that she is recording transmissions from Thoth) for many years; The Tablets of Light is her third book collecting these transmissions. As such, it is important to note from the outset that this book is not a 101 on... well, anything. If you are not already comfortable with the notion that the author steps aside so that Thoth can directly address you (and after more than 200 pages I'm certain this was not a creative writing exercise) then this is not the book for you. On the other hand, if you are already comfortable thinking of yourself and the world in terms of vibrations and light, and if the akashic record is something you can access, or you are trying to learn to access, then there is a lot here.

Part 1 of the book, The Divine Awakened, guides the reader to reaching the state of being that she/Thoth describes lessons and thought experiments designed to help you access energetic states that Hoffman & Thoth liken to connecting to your inner text, your connection to the vibration within you and, as a result, your connection to vibrations without as well. It is a thorough and exhaustive set of exercises that are exquisitely designed to guide you to the stated goals regarding your energetic state. Once again, I must emphasize that the material is not introductory. There is an assumption that you will understand the language being employed to discuss e.g. the author's direct connection to Thoth and her scribing him rather than writing the material herself. Part 2, the Divine Incarnate, should be thought of as advanced lessons for those that have consumed and understood part 1. There is definitely an expectation that you put in the work of the first part of the book in order to get the most out of this half. In a way it's quite refreshing, in that the scribe doesn't keep the material watered down to attract all comers. On the other hand, until you've got a grasp on the Divine Awakened, the Divine Incarnate is going to be much less valuable to you. It's for you to decide if you're prepared to do a deep dive into this material.

Tablets of Light does a very good job of not being just another "Intro/101" class for the material on vibrations, energetic states and so on. If this is subject matter that you are already a student of then I highly recommend you give it a look. Otherwise, more introductory material is a better bet for you.

~review by Patricia Mullen

Scribe: Danielle Rama Hoffman
287 ppg; $20.00
2017; Bear & Company

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