The Secret History of Consciousness; Ancient Keys to Our Future Survival is a 180 page book written by Meg Blackburn, Ph. D.  I can honestly say it is in no way what I expected. 

Blackburn’s book is very well written and seems to strive to convince the reader of the author’s position on the subject of consciousness.  She uses historical monuments such as Stonehenge and the pyramids at Giza as proof, proving of her point of view.  She also uses the technological advancement of the societies of Atlantis and Lemuria as more proof that our civilization was much more advanced in the past than what has been shown by archaeological records.  Using astrological symbolism Blackburn also contends that we can achieve higher consciousness.  

Though some of her claims seem a bit far-fetched, a good portion of the information she uses to solidify her stance is based in archaeological and anthropological finds.  These portions of her book are very interesting.  It is always nice to see history from such a different point of view.

She does have a sources list in the back of her book, however not once does she state in the actual body of her book which facts she got from what source. 

The Secret History of Consciousness was well written and makes a good case yet aside from giving the reader 8 meditations, it in no way states just how one is to go about reaching this higher state of consciousness.  To me, this book seemed like an attempt to prove that her viewpoints are true and correct.

If you have an interest in cosmic consciousness, this book is for you!  Or, if you simply like an interesting, different read I’d definitely pick it up!  However, I do not see this book helping anyone reach a higher level of consciousness. 


~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Red Wheel/ Weiser, 2010

pp. 180, $16.95

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