To Walk A Pagan Path; Practical Spirituality For Every Day by Alaric Albertsson is a book which can really help someone get a regular spiritual practice into their life.  Albertsson goes through several ordered steps and then several other easy to do ways in which one can add a lot of spirituality in their life.  Using examples from different paths within Paganism the reader is given many quick and easy ways in which one can add spirituality, connection with ones deities, ancestors and ones self into their day to day life. 

The book stars with a chapter which has "seven steps to a new way of living."  The author then goes into chapters which include subjects on holidays, incorporating animals and nature into your practice and even a chapter with crafts and one with recipes.  Many of the ideas are great and just as many will give a long time pagan different outlooks, ideas and options for their personal practice.

All in all this was an enjoyable book, so long as it was read with an open mind.  I felt that, especially early in the book, there was an unfortunate tendency for an "it must be done this way" feel to the author's suggestions.  This does lighten up in later chapters however due to this I would not recommend it for those very early in their paths.  If one is secure in their path this book is great in the way it addresses one's ability to add daily spiritual rituals into one's busy life.  I do highly recommend this book, so long as you are secure in what you believe and that you go into it with an open mind that these are suggestions not set in stone.

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Alaric Albertsson
Llewellyn Publications, 2013
pp. 275, $15.99

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