As Father Sebastian presents it here, Vampirism is a philosophy, sort of like Buddhism. It allows for a range of other religious and spiritual practices.

This basic collection of Vampyric practices is best suited to those already committed to it. The book includes the ethics of feeding, material for solitary rituals, and a disciplined approach to sigil magic. While the why behind the rules are not explained (perhaps this happens via private instruction) the grimoire makes clear what Vampyre Magic is, and what it is not. The book also details chaos magic and ceremonial magic practices that may suit a person’s interest in attainment.

Because this grimoire is about the magical practice of a specific tradition, it isn’t something to judge in terms of literary quality, although it does make for a compelling read. Any opinion as to its value would be about as useful as what I might proffer on the Bible. The Bible really only matters to people that place their faith in it, and the Vampyre Magick grimoire belongs to those who believe in Vampyrism as Father Sebastian applies it.

As a Left-hand path, Vampirism certainly isn’t for everyone and doesn’t want to be. If you are interested in the path, this is a fundamental work.

~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Father Sebastian
Weiser Books, 2012
pp. 182, $19.95

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