This is the record of a Vision Quest using Aleister Crowley's instructions for astro exploration. There is both a preface and an introduction. There are 7 pylons and 6 appendices. This reads like a quest story moving from one pylon to the next.

It uses pseudo archaic language to imitate the language of the bible and the guide is an angel. It seems like they are trying to copy the language of the bible which comes off as pretentious. While the book mimics a Bible in verbiage the images are more typically Egyptian lines. The author purports that these pylons are gateways to the higher planes of the Tree of Life. To follow each of the pylons is to work your way from the earthly plane to the higher planes of the Tree of Life.

The footnotes on the pages often take up as much space as the text which is distracting. This creates a disjointed feeling in the book. There's an appendix outlining the names of the pylons their attributes and their Guardians. This provides a succinct reference when working with the pylons.

~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: J. Daniel Gunther
Ibis Press, 2018
p. 186

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