When I was a child, I loved Unicorns. Everything about them radiated beauty and magic. As an adult, I haven’t given them much thought outside of something from the play pretend days of my childhood. When I heard about The Wonder of Unicorns, I was intrigued.

According to author Diana Cooper, unicorns live in the seventh dimension in the seventh heaven in the angelic realms. Unicorns were around during the time of Atlantis and are high frequency beings. After the downfall of Atlantis, they moved on from this realm and now are available in the angelic realms of light and higher frequencies. She describes how we can work with these magical spirit guides and tap into their Unicorn energy. The author describes how she first encountered connecting with these angelic beings and was called to write a book about them. The information she writes comes directly from working with them.

Chapter one is all about unicorns and where they come from, how they operate and interact, etc. Each chapter also features a lovely full color illustration depicting Unicorns. As I read further into the book, I found myself looking forward to the chapter illustrations that spark a certain childlike wonder in itself.

The author provides a guide on meeting your Unicorn and how to attract it to you. She provides info on how to keep your Unicorn journal, preparations and a guided visualization meditation to meet your Unicorn. These are written in a way you can do again and again as needed for guidance. The book also covers everything from how Unicorns help, names, the hierarchy, blessings, dreams and more. Everything you ever wanted and needed to know about Unicorns and working with higher energetic levels on the path to enlightenment can be found within.

The book is fascinating and radiates a positive connection to these mysterious beings of light. For those looking to empower themselves and work with Unicorn energy would enjoy utilizing this book.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Diana Cooper
Findhorn Press, 2019
pp. 240, $18.99

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