Life is Energy in a permanent process of renewal, unfolding moment to moment. It has no beginning and it will never have an end. It comes from Eternity and it flows, perpetually, towards the same Eternity, in a perfectly harmonious order.

We can also call it Absolute Truth or God; these words define its Essence and content as All there is, in All and Everything, seen or unseen.

As Unique Reality, It is also endowed with creative force, and the Aliveness within us represents the Divine Spark which cannot be conditioned or measured, searched for or evaluated. It exists – purely and simply – as obvious and Unique Reality in a continuous process of evolution.

This Divine Particle – Perfection in Itself – is associated with a physical body and an imperfect mind; It permanently pursues perfection and the return to the Sacred Source where It originated. Destined to experience the association with the relative elements of the physical Universe, the Divine Spark – in moments of existence – comes into contact with “What is not real”, that is, the world of illusions, which disappears spontaneously. In the “psychological void”, It reveals Itself through Itself as Sublime Reality.

The Sacred or God is the Source of Life; It breathes energy and life into the whole existence. It permeates all and everything as Absolute Love. It has no beginning, It was not created by anyone and It will never die. It was, is and will always be immortal Existence, through Itself and by Itself.

It contains both the quality of stillness, as well as that of eternal movement. It affirms Itself as Beauty, Kindness and limitless Love. It does not force, impose or compel anyone or anything, for Its patience is infinite. Both in the case of human beings, as well as with everything that exists, It does not impose Its authority or law, because in Its quality as Perfection It gives everyone freedom and, when needed, It helps the whole of creation satisfy its basic necessities.

The imaginary individual mind cannot encounter It, in any circumstance, because the “ego” cannot encompass that which is all-encompassing. Separating from It or trying to understand It with the knowing mind are acts of impiety.

Only the Sacred can affirm: “I Am”. The rest are and will always remain mere fantasies of the mind.


According to depth, there are three layers of understanding:
Superficial understanding – at the level of words;
Mental understanding, an association of concepts;
And finally, total understanding – which is boundless.

Total understanding is – by itself and through itself – true understanding,
Its spontaneous perception breaks the sphere of the limited,
The chains of the mind are shattered, in a state of freedom,
All is enlightened in the sparkle of clarity.

Attention is the key, providing comprehension,
Through it, all is clear and we grasp the essence of things spontaneously,
Being and action – the beginning of transformation,
It dispels the darkness of the mind through full Enlightenment.

Through spontaneous understanding, we are an integral being,
Melting with life, each moment is true within us.
We are one with Immensity, in syntony with the rhythm of the Universe,
Through it, the fragmentation is dissolved.


In order to correctly understand Life in Its general unfoldment, as newness and freshness from one moment to another, we need to encounter It with the same qualities that It has.

We need to welcome Life with a completely open being, through a direct contact. Neither the past, preserved in the memory, nor the future participate in this simple encounter. We just listen and watch – with an all-encompassing Attention – everything that appears automatically on the surface of our consciousness: thoughts, images, desires, fears, emotions etc. triggered by the impressions coming from the external world or from within our being. These outdated and inadequate apparitions – as “ego” in action – are completely dissipated by the rays of the Light-Attention.

Practically, this simple perception of the movement of Life in all its manifestations ends our whole conditioning, without any acts of will on our part. In the empty space that ensues, a “psychological void” appears; in its climate, we experience: peace, harmony and a total independence from our whole accumulated knowledge.

This is the moment of all-encompassing perception, determined by our encounter with Life; we have a new mind and a different way of thinking; new brain cells – unaffected by previous experiences – start to function. From now on we fully understand and embrace Life, eliminating any traumas or conflictual states.

In this fortunate circumstance, the “ego” – based on old, outdated cells – is instantly dissipated, as well as its energies and erroneous mentality.

Free from the past, we are eternal freshness and we have the ability to encompass and understand the freshness of Life in a real way.

The secret of unconditional happiness – to which every living being aspires – lies in this direct contact with the movement of Life, as a whole being integrated into the eternal present.


This message, expressed in very simple words, invites you to watch yourself, in every circumstance, as often as possible. Each such encounter – performed in the right manner – constantly weakens the authority of the “ego”.

Attention – as a shining Light – dissipates all the darkness, dissolving and disintegrating everything it encounters, like a laser. We don’t memorize anything from the poem we have just read or re-read. In this way, the verses will be always new – completely unknown to us – as if we are reading them for the first time; just like, when you look into a mirror, you see your face in it as if for the first time.

The passiveness of the mind, as a result of all-encompassing and lucid Attention, transcends us from the finite world into the reality of the Absolute, revealing our true divine origin. Completely forget the poems, as well as the author! Just remain with the constant act of listening and watching yourself, in utter simplicity.

You don’t need anyone or anything on this path of spiritual awakening! Drop all the crutches you rely on, for they are worthless! On the contrary, they are real obstacles on this wondrous journey, which can only be accomplished in the absence of the “ego”, in utter aloneness, as a complete human being, body and mind as “One”.

Excerpts from Life Is Eternal Newness, published by OBooks

About the Author
Ilie Cioara was an enlightened mystic who lived in Eastern Europe. His writings in 16 books describe the experience of meditation and enlightenment, as well as the practice of Self-knowing using all-encompassing Attention. 

The Silence of the Mind and The Wondrous Journey, Life is Eternal Newness and I Am Boundlessness is a tetralogy by Ilie Cioara, published by OBooks.

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