Nancy F.W. Passmore, editor of Luna Press, started this unique lunar calendar in 1975, a pivotal year in the United States for feminism. Passmore writes, “ . . .more than 50,000 years ago women noted the correspondence between menstrual cycles and phases of the moon on lunar tally sticks. For generations women have been relying on the lunar cycle to guide them throughout their fertility cycles.” I know that I have given these calendars to my women friends, both Pagan and non, and all have been delighted by them.

The Lunar Calendar includes all thirteen months of the year (unlike many almanacs and calendars that include only the twelve solar months), calling them by their old Celtic names, and noting moon rise and set times with each of the phases. The Lunar 2011 Calendar is like no other because it follows the moon phases in an elliptical pattern, not just the calendar days in a block style. There are instructions in the back of the calendar titled: "How to Use your Lunacy!" that explain in detail how to read the calendar accurately. There is a lunar month diagram example that features letters A to L: each letter interpreting every section of the lunation.  The calendar features new works from twenty-four artists, poets, and writers, even a bibliography.

Having a calendar which marks time by the Moon makes such sense. I’ve used this calendar for years, finding it a blessing to be able to discern, with a single glance, what phase the moon is in, or will be for an upcoming meeting, ritual, or project. I have had women tell me they can track their menstrual cycle by the moon’s phases.

Our ancestors were intimately familiar with the movement of earth and the luminaries rotating around her. The movements are all too often obscured by the trappings of the modern age: tall buildings and artificial lighting. Yet the Moon’s powers remain intact and as vital as they have always been. Even when invisible to us on earth because of clouds, sun, smog, etc., a glance at the Lunar Calendar “reveals” her face.

As Passmore says in all of her correspondence: Remmeber to look up!

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Editor: Nancy Passmore
Luna Press, 2010

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