One of the best things about being a reviewer is that you are frequently sent items you didn't ask for. Under that category came Lunaria, Lunar Journal 2011. This is a 1/2 pag sized (8.5x5.5) spiral bound journal of many things 'Moon'.

From the back cover: "The moon shows us there always comes a time for self-renewal and new beginnings. . ." This is a theme (or sorts) for this journal, which includes information on how to detoxify and diet according to the moon's phases, when to start creative pursuits (Taurus), new projects, and other daily activities (there is even information about how doing yoru chores in Virgo makes them go easier!).

The journal opens with a variety of correspondance information (moon phases, zodiac signs, planets of the palm, gardening by the moon, etc.) and then goes right to the twelve moons of 2011, each covering two pages and indicating the each day's phase, rise/set, and relevant astrological information. This journal is different from many in that it begins with the first new moon of the calendar year (in 2011 it is January 4th) and goes through until the last day before the next new moon.

However, this 24-page calendar is only a small portion of the entirety of Lunaria. Turn another page (admire the art and poetry) and -- voila! -- it becomes an enormously practical weekly planner. The left side is a lined page for note taking, the right side shows the week with phases, moon rise and set times, astrological events, holidays, and room for noting appointments made.

Filled with lovely black and white illustrations from many sources (I recognized Kilmp and several of the Romantic painters) including clip art and enhanced by lovely poems.

I've long used and appreciated the Luna Press Wall Calendar for its unique vision of the moon's cycle over the course of a calendar year. (And I still do.) But the Lunaria is more practical in that it can go along with me and provide a mini-journal for my year, integrating my various projets with the moon's influence as well as providing a datebook of appointments.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Editor: Vicki McDonald Leppek
Friday Press, 2010
pp. 192, $18.95

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