Demarco has created a 44 card deck 28 represent the number of days in the moon cycle and 16 are based on the moon names of the Lakota tribe. Each card has the name of the moon or phase and a word or phrase. The pictures represent the concept meant to be illustrated on the card. Women are in almost all the pictures with only one having a hint of nudity. Rather than gratuitous, the nudity is appropriate. Included is a list of the major moon phases – i.e. full, waning, new or dark, waxing but doesn’t initially break it down further. Under each phase she describes the energy of the moon and how it looks in the sky. There’s a section about the moon’s effect on humanity as well as the scientific facts which support some of the claims she makes. Including both esoteric and scientific information helps keep the book and information balanced.

Demarco includes a section on to use the cards. In this section she talks about using the cards for divination. She recommends dedicating your cards if that is the way you wish to use your cards. She provides a short dedication ritual within the book. In the deck there are three types of cards, lunar cycle, seasonal lunar, and other lunar related cards. The seasonal lunar cards are based on the First Nation’s Lakota names for moons. This different perspective is a lovely look into a culture.


This deck is beautiful and well crafted for pictures and design. There isn’t any gratuitous nudity and in general the cards are appropriate for most, if not all ages. They have a love feel and energy to them.  The book is well written and provides a balanced perspective. Within the book she provides several spreads including 3, 4, 7, and 28 card spreads. Within the spread, she gives the meaning for each position of the layout.

This product is worth a look. It offers a good way to connect with the lunar energy. It gives the user a peek into Lakota culture.
~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Stacey Demarco
2018: Rockpool Publishing
Deck and book, $29.99

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