Strickland has brought together some amazing photos and prayers to show the peace and love that each religion offers.  She incorporates prayers from Zuni, Russian Orthodox, Unitarian, Christianity, Hindu, Zen Buddhist, Native American, Jewish, Taoist, and Sikh to convey her message.  Her message is to show how similar beliefs are regardless of religion.  It is definitely conveyed successfully and beautifully.  In a note at the back of the book, she states that Islamic prayers were left out of the mixture out of respect for their beliefs that do not utilize images with their prayers.


Also at the back of the book, Strickland has included a brief explanation of each prayer.  These explanations include where the prayer originated and how it is used.  It also somewhat explains why the particular photo is used.  These are very short vignettes of information for the reader – whether adult or child – to read through and help further the understanding of the prayer.


This book shows the similarity of thought and beliefs which teaches tolerance for different religious paths.  It also illustrates the power and beauty within the various religions.  It is a quick read but very profound.  This could be used by parents to explore different beliefs and demonstrate to their child or children that beneath all the rhetoric and bluster most religions have similar beliefs.


This book is beautifully done.  The photos are stunning. You can fall right in to some of them.  The prayers are beautiful regardless of the path they represent.  The mix of the prayers with photos is very appropriate and striking.  The book is categorized for 9 to 12 year olds.  However, if a parent wants to teach their children about different religions and beliefs this a stunning book to use and start reading to the child at a younger age. 


Strickland did a great job bringing together both photos and prayers into a very cohesive and gorgeous book.  It is soothing to look at and to read.  The quick little poem-like prayers and photos will draw in the reader regardless of age.  This is a great book to add to the personal library regardless of the readers’ religious beliefs.


~review by Eileen Troemel

Compiled by Tess Strickland

Gibbs Smith Publishers, 1997

pp. 44

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