Amber Barnes is a psychic medium, tarot card reader, candle and jewelry maker, paranormal investigator, softball mom, and eclectic witch from deep in the heart of Texas. She runs an Etsy shop. When not at the softball fields for her girls, she enjoys studying various magickal subjects with a nice cup of hot herbal tea by the fire. She has practiced mostly as a solitary practitioner, but now is a member of Raven Oak Coven near her hometown. While surviving in the wilds of suburbia, she enjoys gardening, baking, attracting the local wildlife such as songbirds, squirrels, rabbits, and crows to her small HOA-approved backyard, and of course reading.

Larissa Carlson Viana: is an art school dropout with a degree in Spanish and Portuguese. She works in a helping profession in which it is best to bite one's tongue. In her spare time she is a mother, an amateur artist and an explorer. An erstwhile book worm, she enjoys chewing on a good story.

Elizabeth Hazel: is a tarotist, astrologer, lecturer, author, and an initiated high priestess, Liz has lectured throughout the US and in Great Britain on tarot, astrology, and practical magic. She leads open public Sabbat rituals at the First Unitarian Church of Toledo and offers her Pagan Pathways curriculum for neophytes. She is an acknowledged expert in tarot-astrology, and her book Tarot Decoded (Weiser, 2004) is the definitive guide to tarot correspondences and astrological attributions. The Whispering Tarot deck and book are both available on her website. She writes the “Astro-Spell” column in Witches & Pagans Magazine and is a long-time contributor and editor of the American Tarot Association’s Quarterly Journal.

Lisa Mc Sherry: is the author of several books, including Magickal Connections and The Virtual Pagan, a contributor to a number of anthologies, including Magic on the Edge and the Pop Culture Grimoire, Lisa has many articles published in SageWoman, Witches & Pagans, and other (defunct) publications. The High Priestess and Founder of JaguarMoon Coven, she is also the editor of Facing North. Her personal website is:

Rowan Moonstone: grew up Southern Baptist, but got better! Studied a family tradition of Witchcraft with two ladies in Oklahoma City from the Ozarks, Erin Angel and Gracie Weber. Angel was an astrologer and Gracie did tarot. The tradition they handed on to me was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, internally consistent, but fragmentary, and heavily overlaid with Christianity. . . but it WORKS! I later trained in the Georgian Tradition of Wicca and took all three degrees of initiation under Georgia, their HPS in Oklahoma. I later was HPS of Silver Acorn Circle in OKC.   When Silver Acorn wanted to be a more open public circle, several of us broke off and formed Coven Amber Moon. I served as HPS of Amber Moon until I moved to Colorado in 1989. In 1986, I discovered the Fidonet community online and joined Magicknet which later became PODSNET. Many of the things I shared there are now to be found in the “Riders of the Crystal Wind BOS” online. While living in Colorado, I formed Bristlecone Glen in Colorado Springs, which existed for several years before breaking up. Took a few years off and then formed Anam Taith which again, lasted for several years before I retired. In the late 80s and early 90s, I was part of the anti-defamation efforts to counteract the “Satanic Panic”, and monitored anti pagan activities by the Christian right. I was the person who discovered and exposed the infamous “File 18” newsletter and eventually formed and wrote a newsletter to counteract such misinformation called “CultWatch Response”. At its height, CWR was read in 6 countries. I am now retired, but still practice privately and am active on FB, still keeping in touch with many of the people I met in the old
Fidonet days long before the Internet.
Keri Nichol is a green witch, the business owner of an online spiritual shop, Cynnamon Charmed and a blog writer at Cynnamon Charmed. She enjoys being a mother of three, wild crafting, gardening, and is an avid reader.
Bailey Roe: is a renaissance person who can never settle with just one interest. They love to try everything and learn about anything. There is no topic they can’t spend “too much” time investigating. From a young age they have been working magick, even before they had that word for it. Their feet got planted on the road officially at 15 and they’ve been loving every minute since. They have a strong pull towards healing magick, herbalism, and tarot. They can be found trying everything the world has to offer at Once There Was This Girl Who.


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