How to Use A Pendulum For Dowsing and Divination is a lovely book which includes both basic and advanced uses for a pendulum.  Written by Dr Ronald L Bonewitz and Lilian Verner-Bonds PMIACT, the kit includes a basic pendulum, a dowsing map and a book.  It all comes in a box, with the pendulum being suspended, of sorts, in a plastic tray on the top.  One note about this is that I found the pendulum needlessly difficult to remove.  The trick is to pull the chain through the little hole using the small o-ring on the top of the pendulum.

The pendulum itself is a gold color, about 2/3" long and quite weighty.  The chain is also a gold color and about 8" long.  There is nothing on the end of the chain such as a charm or stone, but if one wanted to one could easily attach something with significance to it, to make the pendulum easier to hold.  Given the weight of the pendulum itself, not having anything but chain to grip does make holding it secure difficult. 
The dowsing map is double sided and includes different circles to use for different subject matter such as health, money, structure and self.  The map has five circles on each side and include different colors so one knows which answer the pendulum is directing you to.  There is also a black dot in the center of each so you have a starting point.  The map is on plain, though somewhat thick, paper and is folded a few times to fit into the box.  If you feel you will use it frequently I recommend laminating it so it lasts for you, especially if you don't plain to keep and use the box.

The book itself is packed full with information about pendulums and using them.  It's organized into seven chapters plus includes an appendix which has some professional pendulum reading examples and a short introduction.  The first chapter is very informative and includes history on not only dowsing and augury but divination in general, to an extent.  Chapter two is about learning to use a pendulum  as well as how one can use different shapes and items for dowsing.  The following four chapters include tuning in to your chakras to provide more accurate results, meditations, and two of the chapters are specifically how to use the map included.  Chapter seven, the last chapter, includes specific ways in which one can use a pendulum such as locating a place on a map and finding water.

How to Use A Pendulum is actually an incredible book for using pendulums.  It is written in such a way that someone with any level of experience can read it and understand it and also is written in such a way as to help the reader use the pendulum in a way which works for them.  In other words this is not a this-way-is-the-only-way book.  If you are new to pendulums this would be the perfect kit for you.  It comes with everything you need including the box to store your items in.  If you are an experienced pendulum user, while the included pendulum may not be necessary, the book will help expand your thinking on pendulums and perhaps introduce you into new ways of using them.  Highly recommended.

~Review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Authors: Dr. Ronald L Bonewitz and Lilian Verner-Bonds PMIACT
Weiser Books, 2016
$22.95; kit; 160pg

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