Entrepreneur, psychic, speaker and now, author, Judy Conkel gifts us with Opening Your Cosmic Toolbox. Judy has many years of tarot and astrology practice and is recognized by the American Tarot Association as a certified tarot master. She can be found reading as psychic fairs, speaking on the radio, or in workshops pertaining to her fields of study.

Opening your Cosmic Toolbox is written to open the readers mind to the possibilities of the cosmos. It encourages the reader to use the tools that the universe has given us to become closer to the divine, to lead and guide us, and to empower the one who uncovers the secrets. Among other things, readers are introduced to numerology, astrology and acrophonology.

Conkel doesn’t waste any time diving right into her cosmic toolbox and starts the book off talking about numerology. The reader can expect to understand and find their own life path, soul, and essence numbers. Conkel describes what the numbers mean, what they tell the reader about themselves and how they can be used to guide their future. Further into the book, Conkel introduces the reader to astrology. She distinguishes Western and Eastern Astrology and helps the reader find ways to use each of these to further understand themselves and to empower themselves. Readers can expect brief overviews of common astrological terms such as chart, mode, aspecting, houses, etc. Another tool introduced is acrophonology. Using the letters of the readers name, they are taught how to interpret personal information about themselves and others. Also how to use name analogy to strengthen the individual’s universal vibration.

Conkel helps readers see and learn about the connection between numbers, energies and astrology. She shows the reader how to use them together to reinforce each other. Further, the reader will learn how names, music, colors, gemstones, and all other correspondences have their own specific energetic vibration that adds value to their practice. 

Readers who read this book will begin to develop a knowledge base from which their magic grows. They learn how to use the tools they find in the book as a base for their future magical workings. Readers will begin to develop an understanding for the use of vibration, energy and interconnectedness among seemingly mundane things. Opening Your Cosmic Toolbox plants the seed for further examination into century old techniques and tools readers may want to master for themselves. 

This is a great book for those people looking to expand their magical workings. Readers who are seeking further divination tools that they can use within their practices and have ever wondered about numerology or astrology will benefit from Opening Your Cosmic Toolbox. I would also recommend this book as an introduction, as a way of trying on, these techniques before diving in to more specific studies.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Judy Conkel
CreateSpace, 2016
p. 232, $$16.95

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