This book definitely covers scrying in all of its aspects.

With the introduction in the book, the author, Cassandra Eason, takes us through an extensive explanation of the terms used in scrying. (She uses the terms scrying and divination interchangeably, which allows her to give explanations and instructions from using a crystal ball to using our dreams.) Ms. Eason contends that the interpretation of symbols is central to scrying and tells us that 20th century occultist Dion Fortune believed that symbols contain the energies and experiences of all the people who had used them or seen the manifestation of the symbol in real life. The author gives a good example of symbols along with good questions to ask ourselves so that we may interpret those symbols. She explains that it’s the right side of our brains that is involved in scrying. When we add the imagination of the right side of the brain to the deduction powers of the left side of the brain, we can bring to the fore what is not expected or reasonably predictable.

This book is an excellent “how to” book. The author quite clearly teaches how to develop the abilities needed to be able to scry. All instructions are easy enough for a beginner to follow. If you’ve never tried to scry or use any form of divination before reading this book, you should be able to after reading this book. It also has quite a bit of valuable information for those of us who are already practiced in scrying and divination.

A section on using spiritual guides, angels, recently deceased relatives and spiritual ancestors in scrying is included. Ms. Eason also suggests dedicating scrying to a deity and provides the how and why of that as well.

Often, when reading the future, time is an element that many of us have problems with. Ms. Eason explains that though clock time is relative, one can use scrying to discover a time frame within which a prediction will occur and shows us how to do that.

There are instructions on opening oneself to clairvoyant powers by opening chakras before doing a reading.  She includes several invocations for psychic protection while scrying as well as how to prepare a site for scrying.  There is also a section that does not include all the preparation for when one wishes to do spontaneous scrying.

The completeness and simplicity of explanations and instructions definitely made an impression on me.  The author covers each type of scrying fully.  For example, she covers twenty variations of just water scrying.

This book is easy to read and learn from.  There are lists of tools and methods of cleansing and empowering them, instructions on keeping a scrying journal and even legends about scrying.

Ms. Eason includes a good appendix and index and provides a reading list as well.

For a relatively small book, it provides an immense amount of information in an easy to access formation.


~review by: Jae Napolitano

Author: Cassandra Eason

New Page, 2007

pp. 272, $14.99
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