We are seeing many artists "cross over" between the arts these days. Robert Gass is probably best known for his recordings on Chant. We might probably be most familiar with the "Merry Meet" song, which has been in .wav form for many years. Mr. Gass now approaches Chant from the literary side with this book. Mr. Gass gives us a look at how he became personally involved in chant, and then explores the history and mystery of chant. He examines the roots of chant, the various cultures who apply chant in their everyday lives, even how we can learn to chant (Mr. Gass assures everyone they CAN chant). He also explores how chant can be applied to our own personal spirituality. I noticed this book can be purchased three ways. You can buy the book alone, or with the 2 CD set. You can also find a book club version with a single CD. I like the CD that accompanies the book, but I bought the book club version. I may yet go get the 2 CD set, which can also be purchased without the book. The CD gives you a very good overall accompaniment to the book and for those who are not musically inclined it gives a reference point, and an idea of the style of music we are discussing here. I also found this book crosses over all Spiritual Paths. Wiccan, Pagan, Native American, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, so many paths utilize chant. Chant does not discriminate. I found this to be another "Celebration of our Diversity" and can be recommended to anyone on any Spiritual Path. I also found it to be a most wonderful tool to be utilized by anyone. Give it a try. I am sure you all know at least one chant from somewhere. How about: We call come from the GoddessAnd to Her we shall returnLike a drop of rainFlowing to the ocean. You know that one, don't you? See how simple? Sit for a few minutes, singing it over and over. See if you don't feel better. The book has some chants, with music, in the back Resource Guide. For those with some music skills, it would be easy to pick up the tunes. The rest of us can sing along with the CD till we have it memorized. A wonderful exploration of a subject we are probably familiar with but never really explored. I do hope you at least pick up one of his CD's and give this a listen. I think you will be very happy with them. ~review by Lisa Mc SherryAuthor: Robert GassBroadway Books, 2000
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