Another book of sound magical theory that masquerades as a self-help book seems, unfortunately, to be out of print or never to have reached mainstream circulation. The Dynamics of Personal Energy starts with a workable definition of energy as “non-visual fields of information and influence including sound, smell, touch and minute stimuli that receive a response.” Martin’s definition includes all information received in a body part other than the eyeballs.  Humorous anecdotal examples mingle with communication diagrams for easily digestible concepts. While the book hints an interest in a metaphysical approach to energy, evident through exercises also locatable in “be psychic” books, Martin stops short of actual metaphysical discussion. She caters more to pop psychologists and full time professionals that experience broad interpersonal contact. Either way, she presents useful material, whether the reader needs help at the cube farm or with the coven. Martin further encourages the reader to actively sense and take responsibility for his or her own energy. In the chapter titled “Protecting Our Own Energy Fields” Martin lists symptoms that suggest a person’s energy field or comfort zone has been invaded. She keeps her examples to the ordinary, asking such questions as “Do you feel nervous” and “Are there any factors in my own mind that might be producing an unusual response?” Her sensible approach to energy awareness adapts just as easily into a discussion of shielding or into an assertiveness training class. This book reads well for its simple approach to the often complex subject of intuition and interpersonal interaction.  The Dynamics of Personal Energy gives strong tools for teaching empathy, improving communication and enhancing metaphysical forms of awareness. This book earns its place on a bookshelf. ~review by Diana RajchelAuthor: Jan MartinThe Energy Centre, 1995pp. 130
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