I do not know much about Reiki, except that it seems like a decade ago it was totally unknown (outside of a select few, perhaps), and now it is all over the place and almost everyone I know has either experienced it or is leveling up in it.

In Magick Of Reiki Christopher Penczak sets out the tradition, shows the healing hand positions and the various symbols of the different degrees, he even explains what happens during initiation and how it is done. Although this is not a traditional Reiki book, Penczak takes a progressive and practical view of the different Reiki traditions and combines this with his own experiences and ideas into a practical and easy to follow guide.  

Penczak makes a (cogent) case for Reiki being an easy blend into Witchcraft. He provides tips, tricks, and techniques for seamlessly integrating Reiki into magickal practice, psychic development, talisman empowerment, and more. It is probably true that many traditional Reiki practitioners would not their practice magick, as a witch I can only benefit arising from drawing upon the nigh-limitless energy of all surrounding life. His personal experiences in incorporating techniques such as crystals into Reiki, using a Reiki Protection Shield, or working distance healing, serve as invitations for the reader to explore Reiki on a whole new level.  Mr. Penczak includes all the caveats, and all the potential for using Reiki.

A highlight is the section on 'The Future of Reiki'. Here he discusses ethics, fallacies, Reiki and the law, and personal growth. The exploration is deep and profound, reaching into many areas of magickal practice. Magick Of Reiki is not just for those on a magical path, but for those who are curious about Reiki and travel any spiritual path. Highly recommended, and a worthy successor to his other wonderful books. 

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Christopher Penczak

Llewellyn Publications, 2004

pp. 276, $16.95

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