D. J. Conway’s latest book, The Ancient Art of Faery Magick, explores the world of the Small Folk and the Fay. She begins with an overview of her personal relationships with the Faery Realm, and devotes individual chapters to each of the (many) Faery species.


In each chapter, Ms. Conway includes meditations, tips, and spells to enhance your ability to see and work with the Faeries. She writes lovingly of her relationship with the Small Folk, and with great respect for all Fay. Various kith and kin of the fay are included in this book and Ms. Conway provides cautions for which Fay creatures are unfriendly to humans.


There are wonderful tips on constructing faery gardens and faery houses, and advice on inviting House Faeries to into your home. An added bonus in this book is Ms. Conway’s Wheel of the Year stories that explain each of the eight Wiccan sabbats. These short stories provide background and context for these celebrations, and are particularly well-written for a young audience.


Written with charm and filled with the kind of wisdom and advice you would get from an old friend over a cup of tea, I found this book particularly enjoyable. Although there are undoubtedly books with more in-depth information on the Fay, I found The Ancient Art of Faery Magick to be very magical and inspiring. 


~review by Karen Phillippi

Author: D. J. Conway

The Crossing Press, 2005

pp. 226, $16.95

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