The 72 Names Cards is a deck of incredibly beautiful Kabbalistic divination cards.  Created by Orna Ben-Shoshan and including her incredible metaphysical artwork, they are based on, or inspired by, the 72 Names of God found in the Kabbalah.  These cards are not at all like tarot cards and going into using them expecting them to be like tarot will, in my opinion, ruin your experience.  There are no suits or arcanas.  Instead there are simply 72 numbered cards with pictures on them, and one of the Names of God written in Hebrew on the top of each card.


Again, unlike the tarot, this deck is not meant to be used in detailed readings using several cards in a “spread.”  Instead, when you have a question, you simply choose one card at random and then consult the booklet that comes with this deck.  The book has three sections for each card: Perspective, Direction and Bottom Line.  For me, Perspective is like an overview of the situation going on, similar to the meaning of a tarot card you’d find in the book for the deck.  However, Direction and Bottom Line are, in my opinion, the meat of the card.  These are sort of like advice from two different trusted family members. 

The artwork is beautiful and quite metaphysical.  However, I have not been able to interpret any meaning from the artwork itself; for me it’s more line window dressing on a key to whatever door I need to open to get the message from Deity I need at the time. 

The included booklet is very helpful and no only includes the card meanings but instructions on how to use them and that no fancy spread is needed.

All in all, these cards are beautiful and I have found them to be reliable when using them for personal divination purposes.  So long as you’re able to get past any cultural differences, or if you do not have any card divination background, these cards are totally worth it.  I must say though, that I wish the Names of God were also written in English, as the book, box and back of the cards are mostly in English.   I find myself wondering what is the Name of God for this card, as anyone who does not read Hebrew will only see a, though beautiful, symbol at the top of the card that is nothing more than that; a beautiful symbol. I would have liked to see a note stating that there is no translation equivalent, if that is the case. 

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Orna Ben Shoshan
68 page booklet and 72 cards in box, $39
Available at 

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