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Developing Intuition is a set of 52 cards, each with an inspirational message for meditation and contemplation.  On the reverse of each card is an illustration of a flower, shell or leaf.  They are packaged in a hard cover box that features a built-in prop-up frame that allows you to display a card for meditation each day or week.


The messages are comprised of affirmations, inspiration and advice.  An example:  “Intuition is my birthright. As I learn to follow this inner wisdom it becomes an accurate guiding force in every aspect of my life.” The author, Shakti Gawain, believes that we are all born with intuition, but most of us ignore it. These cards are based on her book also titled Developing Intuition, to act as a simple guide in developing our intuition for use in our daily lives. 


The set comes with only one small sheet explaining the cards, but almost no instruction for using them.  I decided to choose one card, read the quotation three times, set it in the frame on the box and meditate on it for three days.  I kept the cards near my computer so that I would note the quotation several times a day.


Some of the cards didn’t resonate with me at this point in time, so I simply put them at the bottom of the deck and chose one that did.  Perhaps in the future, those I rejected this time through will speak to me.


Having used them in this manner for about three weeks, I really have seen an improvement in my intuitive ability.  I intend to continue using them and I do feel they’d be a help to anyone wishing to develop their inner wisdom and intuitive ability.



~review by Jae Napolitano

Author:  Shakti Gawain

Published by: Nataraj Publishing, a division of New World Library

p. $17.95

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