Alison Chester-Lambert lets her master’s degree in mythology shine in this brilliant deck of reading cards shining a light on ancient Greek mythology.  In addition to you extensive ancient knowledge, she is also fluent in astrology. She can be found contributing to Daily Mail Online and on the BBCTV radio as a regular contributor. Richard Crookes highlights the ancient world of art and expression in his work with illustration in this deck. He brings his 30 years of artistic knowledge and the new age of digital technology to bring art modified to these days and times.

Unpackaging these cards, the reader gets to see what vivid colors and quality material they are made of. The box is made of glossy, highly durable cardboard that will keep the cards safe for a long time. Inside the box is small book of 112 pages and the bound cards.

The book that accompanies these cards is colored on the exterior but the interior pages are black and white. Each of the reading cards are covered here with a small replica of the card and then a short mythological or philosophical story of the image displayed and how that card may be read in reference to a person drawing it in a reading. The stories depicted in these cards are all related to Greek mythology, philosophy and the Greek gods/goddesses.

The reading cards included with this set contain stunning, deep, rich and beautiful colored art. This art and their purposes has influenced the laws and principles of life that we live by today. Each image is obviously chosen to be displayed in specific ways. That may be in its original form, digitally reworked or otherwise depicted to suit the style portrayed in these cards. This style is one of meeting traditionally timeless art with the new age technology and vibrancy.

The artwork on each card is surrounded by a purposely dated stone window like frame with ivy and floral accents. Some frames include other images that may give insight to the meaning of the card or are a correspondence associated to the God/Goddess represented in the card. The top of the card displays the God/Goddesses name and/or title of the subject of the card.  The bottom of the frame displays a one word description of the overall meaning of the card.

These cards provide stories and introduce many different Gods and Goddesses from the Greece pantheon and allow the reader to connect and receive messages from deity that they may have never otherwise been introduced to. In addition to the deity, many cards highlight events of ancient Greece that have been told in stories for many hundreds of years. I would recommend these cards to all readers, and individuals interested in the Greek pantheon. Rather the stories are known to you or not, this collection of art and mythology is a beautiful addition to any Greek mythological collection, especially for individuals who are open minded to new age art modifications.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Alison Chester-Lamebert, MA
Findhorn Press, 2018
50 color cards, 112 pg booklet

card back
card back
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