The Inner Wizard is 84 cards with messages from the higher self. This isn’t a tarot or oracle deck, but something entirely different. The messages on the cards allow the individual to experience deep inner truths to facilitate exploration of the self, relationships, and the world.

No experience is needed to use these cards. You can pick one a day, or use a variety of spreads with these messages. Each card features a zodiac symbol that links the message to the significations of the sign.

The cards offer messages that are addressed to the reader from various body parts, emotional states, the Deity, and different parts of the mind and personality. One side of the card has an affirmation, like “I consciously choose to expand my awareness.” The reverse side reads, “I am getting you ready for major changes. They will appear in all aspects of your daily life. They will start, dear, with your thoughts, belief system and feelings, then continue with your physical body, relationships with people, planet earth and the universe. Then you will be – you! – God.”


The Inner Wizards were created by the collaborative team Jacob Roth and Libby Ram. They were first published in Israel in 1999 and became best-sellers. The cards have been translated into English, redesigned and produced by Orna Ben-Shoshan, the creator of multiple Kabbalah Insights products like The 72 Names of God, King Solomon Oracle Cards, and Tokens of Light.

The 84 cards come with an instruction page in a two-piece box that works very well for card-drawings. The client (or reader) can flip through the deck without looking and draw a card or multiple cards. This is a nice-looking deck and package.

The messages on the cards touch hidden thoughts and emotions. I’ve taken this deck to psychic fairs and used it as a tool in private readings. Clients get something out of these cards on many levels. Sometimes a person may draw a card that pokes them in a sensitive spot, or brings up something he or she has avoided. The messages hit home. I’ve also found that they work well with astrological charts. Since each card is associated with a zodiac sign, the picked card’s sign resonates with natal chart activity. The cards can also stimulate discussions about personal situations the client is struggling with.


The Inner Wizard is an unusual tool. It merges well with astrology and tarot, and the messages are amazingly pertinent. They can be used as a stand-alone tool, or for a card-a-day picked for personal insights. It’s a charming deck that appeals to clients and can be shared with friends and family, too. The Inner Wizard is recommended for people who would like to integrate an unusual tool into their divinatory work, and for individuals who would like to get in touch with hidden aspects of their life.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Creators: Jacob Roth and Libby Ram
Kabbalah Insights 2013
84 cards, instruction sheet, 2-part box.


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