Using ancient methods from Pythagoras, Donetta Huffman has created a set of cards, using numerology, to help you discover, as she terms it, your Life Path, Soul, Personality and Destiny.  Since this is the single use of the cards, you can use them for yourself only once.  However, you can then use this for family and friends, which is always a fun and entertaining thing to do.  The cards come in an easy open box that is very thick and sturdy, so while traveling with them, they will be protected. 

Huffman has organized the deck of cards into the four seconds, via different colors; red for Soul, blue for Destiny, yellow for Personality and green for Life Path.  In total there are 44 cards.  To discover your numbers, you use your given name at birth and your birthdate.  Something that I really enjoy about these cards is that each one of them has a quote on it, from a famous person (ex - Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth I and Nelson Mandala).  Along with the 44 Numerology cards are 2 more cards, which explain how to determine your number from your name as well as your number from your birthdate.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow. 

Also included is a small pamphlet in which Huffman describes what each suit means, a little information about Pythagoras and some basic information about the cards.

As for the meanings of each number, there is a several sentence length paragraph on each card.  The meanings are fairly simple on their own, however once you combine all 4 of your numbers together, you get a lovely description of who you are as well as gifts that the Universe has given you.

All in all, though simple and usable for oneself only once, these are a fun and useful tool to have around to learn about yourself as well as to help your family and friends to learn about themselves. 

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Donetta Huffman

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