Here’s a new kabbalistic oracle from Ben-Shoshan, and her creativity never fails to amaze. The Tokens of Light are a set of 66 circular disks. Each disk features a Hebrew letter, a Roman numeral I, II, or III, and a statement at the edge of the disk (in English and Hebrew). The reverse side shows a cameo image from one of Ben-Shoshan’s gorgeous paintings. The Tokens are presented in a drawstring pouch with a detailed instruction booklet and come in a handy flip-top storage box. Two extra disks are included in the set; these are amulets for fulfillment/protection and for balance/success. Put them in your wallet or a special place for an extra boost of good luck. Nice touch!

The booklet is carefully written and an excellent guide. A good introduction explains how the letters function and how to use the Tokens. The Tokens describe forces at work and the actions needed to resolve obstacles and balance life energies. A list of suggested questions helps the reader work productively with this oracle tool. The pouch may not be roomy enough for larger hands, and some may prefer to put the Tokens in a bowl to stir and pick a bit more easily. There are suggestions for different kinds of readings. As an aid to timing outcomes, the letters are associated with zodiac signs, months, and days of the week. Elemental associations indicate seasons. The numbers on the Tokens also have meaning and can be related to the Major Arcana of the tarot; for example, Token 66 (6 + 6) resonates with XII the Hanged Man and III Empress. 

Although the Tokens are designed for personal use, a method is given for reading for another person. Token descriptions are thorough and occupy a page each. Each letter has three specialized aspects. For example, Nun appears on Tokens 40 (Nun-I, Whatever makes you feel good), 41 (Nun-II, Permanence, stability and immortality), and 42 (Nun-III, Regaining composure after crisis). It’s always amazing how a seemingly random pick can deliver such incredibly accurate assessments of a current situation. The sixty-six Tokens cover an astonishing range of human emotions and experiences.

Like Ms. Ben-Shoshon’s other oracle tools, the Tokens of Light offer a singular opportunity to apply the Kabbalah in a practical, accessible way. This particular tool complements the tarot quite well, and readers can experiment with different methods for integrating the Tokens into readings for clients. It’s always a pleasure to see a truly original divination tool with high production values. Bravo!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Creator: Orna Ben-Shoshan
Kabbalah Insights, 2011.
Includes 68 tokens, pouch, and 89-page instruction booklet in a storage box.

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