This book comes with a set of Witching Stones and is basically an instruction book on how to use these stones for divination and spell work.


It appears the authors have done a lot of research into various Pagan beliefs and meanings of rituals and came up with something can work for almost anyone.


The book covers everything one would need to use the stones effectively.  The instructions begin with showing the reader how to charge the Witching Stones, to preparing a layout and reading space and dispersing that space when finished. 


I thought that creating this layout and reading space every time one wished to do a divination might be something I would not wish to do.  So, I experimented with readings and actually found no difference when the stones were used without creating this layout space.  However, if there were a lot of negative psychic energy in the area that one wished to use for divination, definitely one would wish to cleanse and create a special space.


The book is very inclusive in the section where it describes the meanings of each stone symbol, giving not only a bit of history of the symbol, but the stone’s meanings in its various positions in a layout as well.


I’d consider it well worth the cost if divination use was all it contained, but the book also contains ten simple spells and five advanced spells that use these Witching Stones. 


I’m quite happy with the ease of using this new tool and would recommend it for beginners as well as those who are more experienced in the art of divination.


~review by Jae

Artist: by M.A. Madigan & P.M. Richards

Llewellyn Publications, 2003

pp. 157,  $9.95

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