I grew up in a home full of altars although my mother never called them that.  She had a way of putting special objects together in a group that meant something more than the ordinary.  D.J. Conway captures that feeling in her truly little book.   It’s all text, which is a shame, because altars deserve to be visually captured and shared.  Despite that, the message is clear: no matter what our religion, we all collect certain items that have special meanings for us.  When we arrange them in specific ways, these collections create insights into ourselves. Ms Conway walks you through the items you have already gathered, tells you what they mean, and how to arrange them with intent.  In doing so, we create an altar, a special place of self in a hectic world. ~ review by Lisa Mc Sherryby D.J. ConwayThe Crossing Press, 2001pp. 148, $9.95
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