The creators of the best-selling appointment book (We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn) have begun to offer full-color greeting cards. These 5”x7” cards are printed in color using soy-based ink on recycled paper and come four to a pack. Each of the four images are also featured in the latest annual (I had the greeting cards to review) and are blank inside, awaiting your inspiration. These cards are beautiful! Hrana Janto’s “Amaterasu” (the Shinto Sun Goddess) gleams in yellow tones with butterflies in her hair and the legendary mirror gleaming from between her hands. I already know that I’ll use this for a Solstice card for my best friend. Paige Sullivan’s “Path to the Heart of the Woods” is a whimsical blue and green toned image that reminds me of the old illustrations in Andrew Lang’s Fairy Tale series. It will go to my good friend’s son on his 13th birthday next year. Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s “The Creation Song” is a gorgeous depiction of the “great Mama’ sitting with Her guitar in an attitude of peaceful repose. This is really one of my favorite images, and I am not sure why, exactly. It may be her serene pose, or the impish child peeking over her neck. Or it may be how the disparate colors somehow soften and bland into a calm delicacy. I’ll send it to my mother on her birthday. Finally, Gael Nagle’s “Beating Heart” depicts three women in a joyful dance. While the pose is reminiscent of the Three of Cups from most tarot decks, the bold colors and batik-style feel of the background transforms this card into something special. I’m torn between sharing it with my sister and framing it for my office! While I did not have the Solstice cards in hand, I looked at them online. They are as disparate a collection as the greetings cards, and as lovely. They are mostly blue-toned, with one card in primarily gold and earth tones.  Over the many years I’ve used the We’Moon datebook, I’ve wished the exquisite artwork (especially now that they’ve switched to color) was larger. Now I just wish there were more of them!~review by Lisa Mc Sherryby Mother Tongue InkEstacada, OR, 2007

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