Dreamgates, by Robert Moss, is jam packed with what he called “active dreaming” techniques.  In fact, I found the book to be almost too jam packed.  Filled with stories from his own dream experiences, those from his students and colleagues and even historical information from cultures across the world it becomes a lot of information to digest when you are also trying to learn “active dreaming.”  To me it felt like Moss was almost trying to convince the reader that his viewpoint was correct, while at the same time explaining said viewpoint and offering the techniques and steps to learn how to actively dream on your own.  I found it very difficult to read even a whole chapter in one sitting, let alone more than one.  

Frequently Moss refers to another book he wrote entitled Conscious Dreaming and indeed would refer the reader to that book in favor of shorter explanations; as the detailed explanation was in that book.  If you truly wish to read this book and learn Moss’ dreaming techniques, I highly recommend reading Conscious Dreaming first.

I have to give credit where credit is due however and Moss indeed knows his subject matter.  From the history of dream theory, to the cultural views across the world Moss has spent many years studying dreaming and dream theory.  His “active dreaming” is indeed astral travelling and have to say that I really like how he stresses astral safety and gives techniques for putting up and using shields not only on your astral body but also shielding where your physical body is resting during your time during your active dream.   

His techniques are simple and explained in non-technical terms and also he works them so that they build upon each other, starting simply and working up in difficulty.  My favorite part is that Moss also speaks not only of spirit healing but what to do if you find a spirit still in this realm that is unable to find its way to the afterlife.  While I think that what to do is a very personal issue with both parties involved, I think it speaks very positively of him that he delves into that subject matter in his book.

In the end though, this is not a beginner’s book, in any manner.  I can’t speak for Conscious Dreaming but after reading Dreamgates, at least with Moss’ books, in my opinion Conscious Dreamingmust come first.  Dreamgates is for a reader who is already familiar with at least the theory of astral travel and perhaps also has a background in meditation.  The book is incredibly filled with information, almost too much so.  It seemed that each chapter was at least half filled with stories and while stories do help to explain a point it can take something away from the rest of the book.  

This is certainly not my favorite book, however I could be persuaded to take up another of Moss’ books.  Probably Conscious Dreaming.  If you are interested in a lot more technical information about “active dreaming” or astral travel, this book is for you.  Otherwise I’d pass it over.

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

author: Robert Moss
New World Library, 2010
pp. 416, $15.95

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