When I was asked to review the book The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality, I really didn’t know what to expect. The book's title is an homage to those men and women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century who formed a group of the same name and experimented with simple methods of positive thoughts to manifest desires. The overall message is that positive thinking can bring people anything they want, be healthy, and happiness to their lives.

Author Mitch Horowitz explains how positive thinking in a directed, highly focused, and emotionally charged manner will allow you to manifest your desires. Using his techniques, people can use mind power to make miracles happen. While the book takes some time to read and digest, it sounds familiar to how some set their intentions to the universe. He explores the New Thought philosophy with focused exercise and tools using prayer, affirmations and visualization. He reviews the historical perspective and how he believes it is relevant for today on positive thinking metaphysics. The book is not a light read but rather a deep and thought provoking style book. Several times I found myself reading and then re-reading certain areas to absorb the material.

The book is filled with personal stories and followed up by exercises for the reader to try. If you are looking for a book on positive thinking, self-help for the new age, you might consider grabbing a copy with a cup of coffee. Just be sure you have some hours to spare as it will take you deep into the rabbit hole of positive thinking and manifesting your destiny!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Mitch Horowitz
Inner Traditions, Oct. 16 2018
pp. 192, $16.99

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