The magic and mystery of ancient Egypt has intrigued many people, and for those Pagans who wish to work with the Gods and Goddesses of this land there is little to guide them apart from their own belief. In Circle of Isis, Ellen Cannon Reed provides a guiding light to those who wish to explore Egyptian magic.

Well-researched and intensely dedicated to the subject matter at hand, Circle of Isis explores various deities from the Egyptian pantheon -- She devotes more than 100 pages to the Gods and Goddesses of Tamera (Egypt), and while it is by no means exhaustive, many have old stories attached, as well as relaying personal perceptions.   She spends very little time on the "traditional" descriptions, instead telling us how the deities appear to individuals today, and showing us how they are linked to each other, while providing meditations and rituals for you to get to know them and explore their mysteries. Offering a combination of Egyptian history and myth, magical sensibility and ritual techniques, Reed's enthusiasm for her subject is clear. The book even includes information about the language, calendar and ritual culture of Egypt.

Ms. Reed leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader about the fact that she is Wiccan, and while many may dispute that a European based religion can work well in an Egyptian orientation it clearly works for her, and no one has a right to question that.  Ms. Reed is not attempting to provide the reader with the ‘ancient wisdom’ of Egypt, but instead presenting her interpretation and experience with that body of knowledge.  Bless her for being honest about the fact that the practices of 3,000 years ago just wouldn’t work in modern society.

While a "traditional" Egyptian devotee might find this book less than appealing, the offerings from Ms. Reed will resonate with the desires of many readers. Circle of Isis is highly recommended for anyone interested in Egyptian deities and magic.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Ellen Cannon Reed
New Page Books, 2002
pp. 319, $14.99
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