Ms. Marashinsky has created a wonderful electronic book, eGoddesses, continuing the celebration of the many faces of the Goddess as She worshipped in cultures around the world since the beginning of time. Through a dynamic combination of poetry, mythology, meditations, and ritual, eGoddesses offers insights and guidance for handling the challenges facing you as well as techniques for nurturing wholeness in every aspect of your life. I began reading this book one evening and was immediately immersed into a deeper experience than I anticipated. There are many books in the market that discuss the Goddess, and they range in insight from cloyingly ‘new-age,’ to I-Ching-like truths. Few books deal with the ‘dark’ or negative faces of the Goddess, preferring instead to focus on Her more accessible Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects. Like her beautiful and unusual The Goddess Oracle, the first major difference is the caliber of the writing; while the texts of other books often seem impersonal and generic, this text comes from true depth of experience. To my knowledge, this is the only book of its kind, using the goddesses as metaphors for negative events as well as archetypal feminine principles. It may not be much of a surprise to find out that Persephone ruled the underworld for a long time before the Olympian Gods came into existence.  Did you know that her name means ‘Destroyer’ or that in the holy triad with Kore the Maiden and Demeter the Mother, Persephone acts as the Crone? Ms. Marashinsky sees this goddess as a guide through DEPRESSION, and that depression is a signal to nourish and love ourselves.  (Please note, the author is clear that professional help should be called upon when we experience long term depression.)  But eGoddesses is not just about the ‘dark’ faces of the Goddess. Benten, a Japanese Goddess of luck and happiness guides you through INTENT. “Benten says that in order to have good fortune you must expect good fortune. In order to have happiness you must intend to be happy… Focus your intent on what you want to create and allow that to happen by giving it over to Me, the Goddess. The results will be life changing!”     The amazing part about this book is that the meditations and rituals do not sound generic because they offer DIRECTION rather than simple axioms. As always, how much you take the readings to heart is your own affair. But at the very least, readers who come to this book with open hearts and minds are going to find that their resulting introspection and reflection is highly beneficial. The author’s first venture into the world of ePublishing is a downloadable PDF text file of 56 pages. You can read it on screen or print it out on your home computer with Acrobat Reader (a free download from  To read excerpts from the book, visit Ms. Marashinsky’s web site: ~review by Lisa Mc SherryAuthor: Amy Sophia Marashinsky

Copyright 2000

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