This lovely new oracle deck is a feast for the eyes. Bergsma’s gorgeous illustrations are coordinated with forty-four inspirational messages or affirmations to help empower the reader in his or her life path.

A single-word idea is at the top of each card (Awareness, Healing, Gentleness, etc.). The idea is expanded at the bottom through a two- or three-line affirmation: “Healing – Bless all in need of healing, hope, and love. Spirit grant us strength and wisdom. Guide us to the path of wellness.”

The illustrations are sheer magic! Faeries, unicorns, dragons, angels, butterflies, and other gentle creatures populate the card faces and illuminate each sentiment. The deck and booklet come in a classy, one-piece box with a flip-up top.

The deck is packaged with a 28-page booklet. Card meanings are given in an expanded version in alphabetical order for ease-of-use. They are written in first person, like affirmations, to personalize the messages. The cards can be used upright or in mixed directions. Bergsma writes, “The goal is to discover the right action to restore balance and harmony in your life.” Directions for one, three, and five card spreads are given at the end of the text.

The short phrases at the bottom of each card offer a reminder should one keep the card propped up on an altar or desk during the day. The reader can draw a card at random for a reading, or choose one deliberately to reinforce a thought or sentiment for inspiration or spellcasting. This is a sweet deck to keep on a bedside table for pre-sleep meditations or visualizations. Tarot readers can integrate a one-card draw from this deck at the end of a reading to inspire clients.

The Magical Times Empowerment Cards are a treat, a well-planned combination of beauty and utility that can be enjoyed by anyone.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Creator: Jody Bergsma
US Games
44 cards, booklet, and flip-top box, $16.00

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