September has always been a special time for me. For one thing, my birthday is in the beginning of the month, but there is also a palpable shift in the energy towards getting things done. For many of us, this comes from years of leaving the balmy slow days of summer to return to school.

This month we offer:
Spiritual Odyssey (CD) 
Opening the Akashic Records: Meet Your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul's Purpose
Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow (CD) 
Running Away (CD) 
Breathe to Succeed: Increase Workplace Productivity, Creativity, and Clarity through the Power of Mindfulness
The Dharma Method: 7 Steps to Spiritual Advancement
Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World
Curanderismo Soul Retrieval: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to Restore the Sacred Energy of the Soul
Rackham Tarot

Last month we offered:
Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Part Two
House Keywords and More . . . 
The Visions of the Pylons: A Magical Record of Exploration in the Starry Abode
Transcendent Wisdom of the Maya
The Mark of the Wolf (Book of Secrets Vol. 1)
Witches of St. Petersburg
Patron Saint of Lost Souls
Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution
Chapters: Solo Piano Reflections (CD)
Cappadocia (CD)
Mystic Messages (CD)
The Real Witches' Craft: Magical Techniques and Guidance for a Full Year of Practicing the Craft
Transformative Witchcraft: The Greater Mysteries
Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft
Witchbody: A Graphic Novel
Backwoods Witchcraft: Conjure & Folk Magic from Appalachia
Summoning the Muse (CD)
Essential Aromatherapy Garden
Growing Wiccan Temples and Leaders: Temple Organization and Leadership Development in a Mission-Centred Wiccan Movement

May the new month bring you the energy to accomplish your tasks!

Editor, Founder


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