It seems you can’t go into a bookstore these days without tripping over yet another new Wicca 101 book.  Finally, here is a book for those of us a bit further on the path.  Not only is it for more advanced students, but much of it is material you generally don’t find covered in witchcraft books, or at least it gives the reader a new perspective.


A Witch’s Notebook is designed so that it may be used as a five-month hands-on textbook. It is even written in a comfortable manner similar to a teacher speaking directly to you in class. It includes such topics as: working with the aura, astrological symbolism, magickal powders and potpourri, advanced color magic, and determining planetary hours.  Each topic includes several useful, advanced exercises for hands-on learning.


I actually liked this book better than her other more recent ones.  My only real complaint is that about a third of the book is taken up with the Witch’s Herbal.  While it is valuable as it includes multiple magical uses of each plant, I would have preferred that more of the book be devoted to her lessons. 


A Witch’s Notebook is not the kind of book you will glean a lot from by simply reading it in your armchair. This book is for those who want to really get out there, rollup their sleeves and learn. I wouldn’t consider this to be required reading, but it’s not a bad addition to your book collection either.  Most should be able to find some fresh ideas in here.


~review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Silver Ravenwolf
Llewellyn Publications, 2005
pp. 248, $12.95

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