Ms. Della isn't a prolific author, but her work is always reliable. From her opening chapter on what a witch is (and how its not the same as wiccan) and the various Traditions, celebrations, and Deities to the huge portion of the book that is actual spellwork, The Book of Spells is a gorgeous book packed full of useful knowledge and wisdom.

As befitting a book based on doing spellwork, there is a good amount of information about the things that make up your personal magickal language: tools of the craft, animal, herb, and stone allies, divination techniques, and magickal timing.

Most of the book (about 65%) is the spells. Broken into logical sections, they are well-written and carefully thought out. The sections are:
Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Health
Knowledge and Self-Knowledge
Love, Friendship & Family

The Book of Spells is an excellent guide for anyone trying to get started, or even for those who are looking for a treasury of information all in one place.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Jamie Della
Ten Speed Press, 2020
(this is a reprint of her The Teen Spell book from 2001)
pp. 224, 15.99

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