Authored by Courtney Weber, Brigid; History, mystery and Magick of the Celtic Goddess brings to life this awesome deity.  Not only is this book well written and filled with historical and cultural information, but Weber allows for the fact that the stories of Brigid have been both written and told by different people and thus often have different perspectives and information. 

Brigid opens with an introductory chapter on just who she is and follows with a chapter on her history.  The introductory chapter includes a moving, personal story from the author and the chapter on Brigid's origins includes various stories from various sources and authors which, I feel, really shows not only Weber's authenticity and personal dedication to this Goddess, but also shows Brigid's importance in Celtic mythology and how widespread she is.

Chapters three through seven then are each about a different aspect of Brigid.  The chapters are about Brigid as Healer, Fire Goddess, Bard, Sacrificial Goddess and Battle Goddess.  These chapters include historical information, folklore and mythology, cultural information such as statues, artwork and sacred places as well as prayers and how that aspect works in with her other aspects.  In addition there are rituals and meditations so the reader can work with Brigid in these aspects.

Chapter eight is about Imbolc and how the holy day is associated with Brigid.  Again this chapter includes prayer, crafts, a ritual and more.  Chapter nine is about her associations with animals and ten is about Brigid and magic, so this includes oil recipes, spells, magical crafts and so forth.  This amazing book then ends with an epilogue, acknowledgements and a detailed bibliography.

All in all this book is well written, shows the author's love of and dedication to the goddess and also allows for the fact that the stories passed down about Brigid are from different sources, thus allowing for differences in the information.  Something I really felt from this book is that Weber really wants the reader to find their own personal path, to forge their own unique personal relationship with Brigid.  In that, it is written for both the novice and experienced witch, though it is not for the ultimate beginner.  I feel it is best that the reader have at least some background in Paganism.  In the end though, I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Brigid.

~Reviewed by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Courtney Weber
Red Wheel/Weiser Books, 2015
247ppg; $18.95

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