This chubby little book is a delight! Stuffed with information and written in a charming voice, A Cart Full of Magic will expand your magical vocabulary and abilities. Abrev says, "Everything in our home has a magical potential, and as long as we are aware of that potential, we can keep the energy flowing by evoking intent."

Puffed Millet (changes, health), Epsom salt (removing toxins), pineapple juice (pick-me-up), Hydrangea (spell breaker) . . . practically every plant, spice, mineral, or food you can think of is in this guide, along with a quick reference as to how to magically use it.Household items like buttons, envelopes, electrical tape, etc. also have a magical use. It's fascinating to look at.

There is a good reference list by topic (health, happiness, wealth, etc.) at the end. My one criticism is that the 'why' of each item's ability is not given. So if you want to know why, you won't like this book.


Author: Ileana Abrev
Llewellyn Publications, 2018
pp. 408, $15.99

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