How many ways can we cast sacred space? Many of us immediately thought of various ways to cast a circle or sphere -- why not a triangle? or square? Casting sacred space is a core skill for the wide variety of Neopagan practitioners. With this book, Ivo Domingues, Jr. gives us an excellent discussion of just what it is we are doing, and how we might

Dominguez begins by offering his definition of casting, thereby removing any ambiguity we might carry from our own practices and traditions. Much of the first half of the book is spent on clarifying terms and concepts. These clarifications are detailed and full of insights which may surprise many experienced magickal workers.

Casting Sacred Space focuses on casting a circle as a means for balancing and centering, raising energy, invoking transcendence, and creating protection. Dominguez then  discusses the philosophical background for creating sacred space, using magical correspondences to design and outline methods for new and pointed circle castings. These new concepts include castings intended specifically to raise vortices of energy, castings for creating triangular space intended for utter stillness and silence, and further castings for spirit vision, rising on the planes, and general personal growth.

There are many diagrams, charts, and drawings throughout to help with clear understanding of various concepts. They are simple and easily understood. As well, the appendices provide quick looks at some of the more important concepts as well as the rituals and techniques which are encountered in the man body of this work. It would be possible to simply work from the appendices, but you would be depriving yourself of a wealth of information.

While the author has a strong background in Wicca, serving as an Elder on The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, his knowledge and experience clearly expand well beyond this label. In fact the his inclusion of a variety of magical practices and techniques puts this book in a category that is applicable to practitioners of all stripes.

This book really struck home with me and is, as far as I’m concerned, essential reading for anyone embarking on the esoteric path.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Ivo Dominguez, Jr.
Weiser Books, 2012

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