Let’s Talk About Elements and the Pagan Wheel is a book for school-aged children that provides a basic, clear introduction to Paganism. An introduction of the elements at the very beginning of the book is followed closely by a basic overview of the Wheel of the Year. Once completed, each Pagan holiday is presented in three parts: A description of the meaning of the holiday; a fictional story about the holiday, geared toward showcasing the principles surrounding it; and a resources section that gives suggestions on how the reader can learn more about each particular holiday through various activities.

The section on Samhain, for example, tells the story of a boy named Ash who experiences the death of his grandfather. One of the suggested activities includes Internet research on family members.

If I were running a summer Pagan youth program for children 6-12 or so, I’d definitely consider this book, especially considering the exercises for the various stories of the holidays and the ability to pair it with the author’s other book, Let’s Talk About Pagan Festivals. Pagan adults who want to get an early start on a child’s spiritual education will want to consider buying both.

--Review by John Marani

Author: Siusaidh Ceanadach
Moon Books, 2013
pp. 64, $9.95 US

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