If you're looking for a beginners book on basic Wiccan style magic, then this is not your book.  In this reviewer's opinion, Everything You Wanted To Know About Magick; But Were Afraid To Ask by Shawn Martin Scanlon is for an experienced witch looking for different viewpoints and information you don't find in most books about magic out there.  Though the information Scanlon puts forth in his book is fairly obscure, in my experience, he does provide appendices for further explanation and offer a bibliography for source material.  He explains things quite thoroughly and in a way that those who are unfamiliar with this style of magic can get at least a basic grasp of the idea.

Scanlon begins his book with an introduction which I found is quite necessary to read, as he begins by explaining that this book is based on Hermeticism, and then explains what this is.  The book then includes chapters on subjects such as revenge magic, love magic, demonology, astral working and the three of life.  He has many pictures, images and diagrams to illustrate many points he makes, and one thing I really liked is that in the chapters, many of the sections are styled to be answering a question, rather than just talking about a subject. 

All in all, though this is a highly informative book written quite well, it is not for everyone, especially given some of the subject matter (e.g., revenge magic).  I believe that if you have sufficient enough experience to be able to fully digest and understand the information given, then this book will simply add to your information stores and give you many different viewpoints from which to view the magical world with.

~review By: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Scott Martin Scanlon
Llewellyn, 2012
350 ppg, $21.95

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