This Pagan Portals offering by Moon Books introduces the reader to fundamentals of Hedge Witchcraft. This nature-and-cycle tradition draws upon the tools of herb and trance, and remains for the most part a solitary path. Harmonia Saille’s descriptions of holidays, symbols and interaction may looks similar to animism.

Saille introduces the core points of her tradition well. While not comprehensive, she packs each line with related folklore, symbolic explanation and core skills for divination and magical practice. The Hedge Witch approach to the elements explains the core forces better than most of the Wicca-beginner equivalents on the market. Hedge Witches already jump on this book – the eager eclectic Wiccan may wish to do so as well.

Highly recommended

~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Harmonia Saille
Moon Books, 2012
pp. 76, $9.95

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