Who better than to learn some poppet magick from then best-selling author and nationally recognized Wiccan elder Silver Ravenwolf? She has been seen many times through her works on numerous other titles, in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and numerous more.  

It is with an overview of poppets and poppet magick that readers will begin this book. Understanding and getting a feel for the power a poppet can weld. Learn the history and the uses that these little creations held over the years and still today within everyday society.

As with any useful magick, there is a “recipe” to follow for a successful outcome. Although many things can be uniquely yours, certain factors need to be considered, and Ravenwolf address these factors in relation to poppet magick. Readers will learn about considering the intent of their creation, the supplies they may choose to use in making it and even the importance of the time frame when this is all done.

Readers will learn about different medium choices and what might influence their decision to use a specific one. In addition, they can expect to learn much on the different stuffing for a doll. Herbs, shapes, stones, etc. each have their place in poppet creation. What will your doll need? This book will answer all those questions. An entire chapter dedicated to the possible formulas that readers may choose to use within their poppets. They will be introduced to specific powerful combinations of herbs, gemstones, oils, colors possibilities, etc.

Not sure where to start? Poppet Magick includes sections specific for major holidays, life events, or other festivities that you can choose to follow step by step and create a beautiful piece for yourself or someone close.

Whether the reader wants to follow one of the included step by step instructions within these pages or try to make something more uniquely their own, they will find very useful patterns to assist their effort in the back of the book. They will also find rituals and ideas on how to charge and deactivate their own creations.
It is only upon first glance that readers will be drawn in and amazed at the beauty of Poppet Magick. Vivid color, gorgeous layout and images throughout make this book absolutely appealing. Ravenwolf does a magnificent job at captivating the casual observer with this large, colorfully warm and intriguing design.

As the pages are turned, the reader will not find themselves disappointed. Poppet Magick delivers cover to cover. Almost every page has images to help guide the craft the reader chooses to weave.
 ~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Silver Ravenwolf
Llewellyn Publications, 2018
p. 272, $22.99

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