Author and eclectic witch, Lucya Starza can be found in the UK writing in her blog, A Bad Witch’s Blog. She is the editor of Every Day Magic and has written on the subject of candle magic as well as her latest addition Poppets and Magical Dolls. This title is a new addition to Pagan Portals, a library of collected information written on all things magic and/ or pagan by authors and practitioners who have a desire to share their knowledge in many different pagan subjects.
Magical dolls and poppets are a divination tool that goes back many many years. Lucya Starza goes back in history to help readers see how this tradition has made it through time and through many different cultures to where it is today in magic and spiritualism. Readers get to see how seemingly basic children’s toys or household décor actually had a deeper meaning and symbolized things far beyond what was understood by even founding archaeologists. In addition to the meaning of the item, readers will learn how prehistoric drawn image magic may have been the initial stepping stone into magical dolls and poppets.

Readers will see how regular gifts over the years were more of a magical gift then may have been intended. Those first favorite stuffed animals, bears, etc. that we have as children that we couldn’t sleep without and we thought would keep us safe from harm, were a form of talisman in themselves. The object held a form of magical power over that child that thought it was protected by the stuffed item.

From history and meaning to how to bring those magical traditions present, readers will learn how to create their own poppets and magical dolls. Details such as material, stuffing, design, colors, etc. are all very symbolic and equally important and the reader will learn exactly what is required. Readers will learn how to anoint their doll and the purposes of filling with herbs or covering in magical symbols.
Once the reader has been instructed on how to make their own doll, they will then learn how to use it. Things like pins and cords for directing energy or binding. You will learn how to enchant your doll complete with ritual ideas. Ideas are given on using your doll for cursing or even for healing, fertility, and as guardians. Starza also takes the reader through the possibilities of these dolls within sabbat celebration and ritual uses.
I would recommend the Poppets and Magical Dolls for all practitioners as something to meditate on for use as an addition in their own divination and practices. This is also helpful for those practitioners already exploring the multiple uses of poppets and magical dolls. There are so many ideas given within the book that readers are sure to find something new, creative and helpful to their practice.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Lucya Starza
Moon Books, 2018
p. 98, $$10.95

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