What is the definition of Conjure? The dictionary defines it as 1.) To influence or effect by or as if by magick 2.) To call or bring to mind; evoke. In Chas Bogan’s The Secret Keys of Conjure, he explores Hoodoo, rootwork, and other American folk traditions. The author is a professional conjure doctor in California and shares his abundance of multi-traditional knowledge in this fantastic book. He covers everything from divination, blessings, spells, seals, cleansing, protection, hexes, spirit work, rituals and more.

The book is set up to be able to read through or jump to the chapter and section you want to learn about and work in. He does a good job of explaining the why and how’s of what’s being covered for those who might be starting out and testing the waters, to those who are more experienced in the craft. There truly is a little bit of everything in this book for everyone on this path of magick and conjuring. The sections are well put together and give a solid foundation for your energy work. The information provided within the pages is a great go-to resource as the reader has certain needs or wants they want to manifest. The Secret Keys of Conjure is one of those books the practitioner will go to time and time again.

The book breaks into key sections. The first explores the key to divination, covering fortune telling, dreams, psychic visions, seers, and readings. The next few keys cover rituals, curios, language, cleansing, knots and stitches, personal concerns, scent, sweetening, setting lights, powders, graveyard, etc. If you are looking to interpret dreams, cast protection spells, find or keep your lover, and work with spirits, this book is for you. Whether you are just curious or ready to being conjuring, The Secret Keys of Conjure will be there to assist you in unlocking your full potential.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Chas Bogan
Llewellyn Publications, 2018
pp. 312, $19.99

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